Stories of Ours is a grassroots project based in Toronto that aims to deepen community, invite solidarity, and challenge dominant narratives through intentional acts of storytelling and creative arts.

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Our vision is to elevate Toronto as a national and global leader in intersectional solidarity.

Our mission is to create bridges between humans through the power of personal narratives and arts for truly diverse voices and experiences to be shared, with an emphasis on co-creating space for those who exist outside of dominant, normative narratives and structures.


Through the power of storytelling, Stories of Ours bridges divides not only between people, but between movements. By sharing diverse, non-normative stories we challenge stereotypes and begin to eradicate the conditions for racism and oppression to exist, as well as creating spaces for people to reclaim and shape their own narratives. 

We stimulate deep conversations around complex issues of systemic oppression through deep collaboration. Our current core activities are cultivating storytelling through live events, blogging, and podcasts and creating opportunities for learning through tailored workshops and programs for or with other organizations and groups that teach concepts such as the principles and value of storytelling, how to use storytelling in their respective fields, and incorporating anti-oppressive practices into their respective work.

At each event, storytellers of various backgrounds, ages, and experiences share true, personal stories. Our work aims to challenge us to see inwards and grow outwards; we want to tear down the walls humanity has created and work towards true inclusivity, solidarity, and reconciliation one person at a time.We work for the simple, revolutionary act of caring. 


Sharing stories opens doors. It creates the conditions for solidarity and understanding between us as a whole people, uncovering hidden and sometimes surprising connections. How do the struggles and successes of my Korean family relate to those of your Pakistani, Jamaican, or Peruvian families? How can we begin to humanize experiences and challenges that seem distant from ours?


Jason Rocky Carter performing a traditional drum song before sharing his story. Photo by Sean Decory.

Jason Rocky Carter performing a traditional drum song before sharing his story. Photo by Sean Decory.


Each experience, vulnerability and strength that is shared acts as a bridge between us - and this is magical. It makes us care.

Storytelling is more than entertainment - it is a deeply immersive vehicle for social change.

With deep community comes deep unity and, best of all, the conditions for momentum and action.

It's simple: we listen.

By listening, we build trust and diversify our experiences. We are provoked to reflect and grow. 

With this trust and diversity of experience, we build empathy.

With this empathy, we are empowered to change our behaviour and perspective. It may affect how we parent, or vote. It may affect how we move through spaces, or the words we choose to use. 


We get to choose how we behave. We get to choose whether we ignore the rights and struggles of others because we may currently have those rights, or not have those struggles. We can choose whether to use our voices and experiences to hold up others or turn away in fear.



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