There's Magic in Sharing

Just this morning, I read a quote from a colleague of  mine who had written it on a whiteboard in their office.

We often undervalue our own stories.
— C.S

As soon as I saw it, I just thought - yes. How coincidental that this would be put right in front of me as I'm about to publish videos of our storytellers. 

What's special about Stories of Ours? It honours that everybody has a story to share, whether they are a long-time performer or the shyest mother you've met. Everybody has the chance to step up and share what is meaningful to them. This type of openness was inspired by the other storytelling event I co-produce called Stories We Don't Tell, from the founder of that project and my dear friend, B. 

I work with each storyteller to workshop their story in a presentable format, but to me it's so much more. I get to set aside time in my day to really learn about a person, and there's nothing I can think of more deeply spiritual and connective than this. That they can trust enough to share parts of themselves and that I can trust enough to listen (and vice versa) is all we can ask of people. 

I hope you enjoy watching the stories and use the opportunity to think about your own.