Toronto's future citybuilders: potential for division, potential for togetherness

Romi Levine of U of T News catches up with Erin, University of Toronto alumna, as part of an ongoing series featuring Toronto's next generation of city-builders, to chat about Stories of Ours and Shape My City

“We’re using stories and art to challenge dominant narratives, challenge what status quo stories are, challenge single-narrative stories and work with people to empower them to use their voice to either heal, heal others or advocate – everyone has their own reason,” says Kang.

It's the grassroots mobilization that Torontonians are getting really good at, says Kang.

“Because we have such a diverse population, there's real potential for us to be very strong allies across everything – across movements, sectors. I think we're getting there,” she says. 

"When you see, for instance, the overlaps between movements like Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, Pride – the conversations they’re stimulating are challenging and divisive, but wherever there's potential for division, there's potential for togetherness."

Everyday Political Citizen Award - empowering Toronto communities through storytelling

Erin was nominated and shortlisted for the Samara Canada Everyday Political Citizen Award in 2016 for her work with Stories of Ours, alongside dozens of incredible folks from around the country.

The EPC award profiles Canadian community leaders who promote local democratic participation in unconventional, 'everyday' ways. 

Metro Toronto profiled the shortlisted nominees in a series about the EPC award - read the piece on Stories of Ours from Nov 2016 below. 

Opening Doors Through Storytelling - Toronto Star

Immigration Reporter Debra Black talks to Erin about how Stories of Ours started, who gets to share and consume stories, and one of Erin's own stories. 

"“What we’ve done is create a space where we’re challenging what the dominant narrative is,” she said. “This applies to almost everything from what is being a Canadian to what is being an immigrant. It encompasses gender, race, background and status.” 

Published Dec 13, 2015.