Stories of Ours Podcast

Stories of Ours is a podcast is about diving deeper with people who have shared stories at past events. Stories of Ours is a project that challenges dominant narratives through art and storytelling with an emphasis on exploring what intersectional solidarity can mean.

The Stories of Ours Podcast is recorded with no money in Erin's home, always with tea.

Music by: Soren D'Alimonte. 

Production by: TK Matunda 

Hosted by: Erin Kang & TK Matunda 

Episode 4: 100% Canadian, 100% Immigrant w/ Hima Batavia

In this episode we talk to Hima Batavia, who shared her story with us in September 2016 - about South Asian identity, being Othered in surprising places, and a brief brush with arranged marriage.

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Episode 3: Making Pictures in People's Heads w/ Sage Tyrtle

In this episode, Sage talks about finding out she was a bad storyteller, trying to find her mother in the airport as a 9 year old, and how to pretend you're not shy.

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Episode 2: Shaking Up Arabic Stories w/ Waleed Nassar

On today’s episode we talk to Waleed (Wil) Nassar, who shared a story with us in January 2016 (watch here). 

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Episode 1: The First One- The Migration of Music w/ Bandana Singh

For the inaugural Stories of Ours Podcast, Erin and TK talk to Bandana Singh, who shared her story with us in September 2015 (watch here).  

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